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What exactly is the structure of a word like? How are sentences constructed grammatically? What are the chances for a foreign person to get the idea with the Finnish 'kädessänikö'? How could new language technology make it easier for children, students or immigrants to learn a language? Could language technology facilitate the communication of special groups of people? What type of self-improvement solutions can be developed by means of the available language tools?

A Natural and Easy User Interface

Language technology has a great potential for facilitating different types of communication and as a learning tool for a number of applications.

Assistive Communication Tools

Imagetalk® Symbol Writer is a communication application drawing on the use of symbols for persons with a speech or language disorder. Symbol Writer supports the Nokia 7710 Smartphone featuring a touch screen.

Accessibility Tools

As to tools based on computer software, the essential facilities for text accessibility include screen readers, speech synthesisers and speech controlled applications supporting any third-party programs.

Lingsoft® Speech Controller allows visually impaired persons to control a computer through speech. The solution is based on Lingsoft's proprietary speaker-independent speech recognition and runs on a regular Windows PC. The application has been developed in cooperation with the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired.

Our clientele includes schools, universities, associations and private persons.

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