Business Clients


Case international language service providers: A trusted language industry partner 

The world's leading online stores, search engine companies, consumer goods manufacturers and software developers outsource their translation service production to large, international language service providers. For over 20 years, Lingsoft has served in global translation and localisation projects as a specialist in Finnish and other Nordic languages.

Case IBM: Creating unique value together

In Finland, the analysis of large volumes of data is largely based on the analysis of structural and numerical data, as the automatic processing of the Finnish language is exceptionally challenging. Since summer 2018, Lingsoft's language analysis technology has been used to help IBM Watson Explorer understand Finnish and Swedish. This partnership will open new doors for Finnish-language text analysis

Case Agentum: Strategic data with sector monitoring

Today, data that is strategically and operatively essential to companies has been fragmented into numerous sources, whose monitoring can consume a large portion of the workday. Lingsoft's Agentum service helps automate routine data collection tasks.

Case Ilmarinen: Medical report translations support pensions experts

When considering applications for disability pensions and rehabilitation benefits, pensions experts base their decisions on medical reports, which may originate in foreign countries and come in different languages. Lingsoft provides medical report translations between more than 22 language pairs for Ilmarinen, reliably and securely.