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Our digital footprint is made up primarily of the texts we write. That's why the types of texts we write matter so much. Conventional customer service is making way for electronic services, and the quality of texts plays an increasingly important role, whether we're dealing with an email or patient records. 

Effective, high-quality and coherent communications help create an organisation's brand image and the writer's own, individual brand. A well-written text also ensures that your message is understood correctly. The more public a text is, the bigger the role that comprehensible communications will play in ensuring a service's accessibility and the equal treatment of citizens. However, many content production systems lack the tools for checking the quality of texts.

Solutions based on the needs of the client

Over 80 % of Sweden's newspapers check their texts using Lingsoft's technologies. You probably do, too: Lingsoft supplies the language checking technology in 21 languages for the Microsoft Office suite, including everything from Finnish to Swahili. Familiar to tens of millions of users, the red and blue underlines really don't need any introduction.  We have also customised similar types of quality checks − such as for the organisational language of the EU, the portal and to support patient record documentation − that help tackle the challenges that each type of texts can face. 

Where Finnish is concerned, the functionality of proofreading is fully reliant on the machine understanding our inflection-rich language. Managing this kind of diversity represents one of Lingsoft's core areas of expertise. Read more about language structure analysis, which serves as the backbone of our quality checkers. 

Quality tools are crucial for making a writer's work more streamlined and productive.

"For Finns, one of the most important criteria for choosing a text processing program is whether it supports proofreading and hyphenation in Finnish. This has a major impact on the quality of a text, even though spelling cannot be left entirely to an automatic proofreader. In this sense, Word is far and away the best of the text processing programs that we tested."

(Mikrobitti 1/2018: Parempi tekstinkäsittelyohjelma kuin Word?)

Making tools a natural part of writing

In order for a writer's quality tools to be truly useful, they should be usable wherever texts are produced. With the help of open interfaces, Lingsoft's quality checkers can be integrated with any environment as part of a company's business processes, ensuring a seamless user experience.

For example, the quality checker that we customised for health care is used as part of our own medical transcription service. The writing platform-integrated quality checker enables us to transcribe nearly 40,000 dictations each month. Valuable data (such as writing speed) is also saved in the cloud service. Pilots conducted with our clients' own text processors have shown that simply using a language checker can accelerate health care-related text processing by over 30 %. For example, in organisations using the Apotti information system, this would mean an annual savings of around EUR 15 million. 

Numerous other solutions for making writing more efficient and improving text quality exist, such as automatic speech recognition. Combining these solutions makes it possible to create a package that perfectly meets the client's needs.