Our goal: to provide the world's best medical transcription service


In health care, each patient visit can generateseveral entries in each patient record. In Finland alone, there are millions of such entries made each year. This information must be accurate and readily available in order to avoid any errors or pitfalls during treatment. 

A flexible, professional service

Lingsoft has provided medical transcription services for municipalities, hospital districts and private medical practices since 2011. In 2018, we  are the go-to choice for medical transcription services for 19 health care organisations, and our team transcribes nearly 40,000 medical records each month.

We tailor our health care text processing services to meet the needs of our clients: from  completely outsourced medical transcription services to overflow services during rush times and the holidays, and even services for on-call periods. 

For medical professionals,  an outsourced medical transcription service works just as well as any internal service. We can transcribe medical records directly to the client's patient record system over a secure remote connection.

We utilise the best tools in the industry

Lingsoft's goal is to produce the best patient documentation in the world and thus help benefit both patients and health care professionals as well as health care organisations. 

Lingsoft's medical transcription service utilises an internet browser-based system that is equipped with tools that meet the needs of medical transcriptionists, operative management and even financial management, thus ensuring that the client receives an optimally effective and high-quality service.

For the medical transcriptionist, the system offers a quality checker that has been tailored to  health care terminology, indicate spelling errors and provide possible suggestions. In addition, our transcriptionists also have a term search tool at their disposal. We also enhance the writing process with health care-oriented speech recognition technology

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