Lingsoft involved in developing solution that reaches final of EU Sharing and Reuse Awards

The e-Authorisations and Finnish Service Catalogue have reached the final of the European Union’s Sharing and Reuse Awards Contest. The contest is aimed at seeking out innovative and effective public administration services and programmes from among EU member states.

For Lingsoft, getting to the final is a significant achievement, as Lingsoft has supplied the Population Register Centre in November 2018 with a solution developed under the working title Quality Agent (Laatuagentti). The text reviewer supplied by Lingsoft helps public service providers to write understandable, accurate and more accessible service descriptions. 

Regarding the Finnish Service Catalogue, the competition jury highlighted in particular the text reviewer built into the service, which automatically suggests corrections to the information described in the service by making use of a solution based on Lingsoft’s language technology. The text reviewer in question has been tailor-made for the Population Register Centre, and it notifies the text creator of potential problems in the text, such as overly official language, typing errors or issues with the text structure, and then gives instructions for correcting these problems.

All the public administration services and service channels have been brought together in the Finnish Service Catalogue, which is the foundation for the Web Service. The service is aimed at Finnish citizens, companies and public authorities. The goal of the Finnish Service Catalogue is to improve the accessibility of public services regardless of place, time, or user proficiency. The purpose of the Quality Agent developed by the Population Register Centre and Lingsoft, meanwhile, is to improve the linguistic accessibility of the Finnish Service Catalogue: the more unambiguous the webpage content is for the reader, the more smoothly the electronic services will operate and the greater the equality of service for the users.

The contest involved two selection rounds, through which the finalists were chosen from among the 54 initial candidates. The winners of the contest will be chosen at the Sharing and Reuse Conference 2019 in Bucharest on 11 June.

Additional information: Mervi Koivulahti-Ojala, Solution Architect, +358 40 5224827