Subtitling – as seen on TV

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For us Finns, AV translation has been a part of everyday life for decades. Indeed, many believe that this is the secret to our excellent language skills: when you watch a foreign-language programme that has been subtitled well, you're more immersed in the language and culture that you both see and hear, which helps you learn the language.

However, when it comes to organisational communications, subtitling is above all a cost-effective way of distributing multimedia content to different target groups around the world. Just a single AV-translated marketing ad, instructional video or seminar recording can reach people all over the globe.

We subtitle television programmes, marketing and instructional videos, news clips, vlogs and webinars into the language of your choice. We can also create voiceovers for your content in any language that you require. 

Lingsoft has provided AV translations for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE in Finnish, Swedish and English since 2015. Read more about Lingsoft's language technology-assisted subtitling process here.